Can Technology Change the Way You Travel?

About two decades ago, scaremongers were saying that computers were going to take over the world?  This resulted in many thinking that they were going to lose their jobs and be subjected to a life of struggle and turmoil. Now we are in 2020, we can see that this was and is not at all true.  We have actually reaped the benefits of the technological age.

Well, computers are not taking over, but computer technology is changing a lot of things in our everyday lives.  I went out of my way to investigate whether technology can change the way we travel.

The bottom line is that it can and has already.  Remember the days when we used to walk down to the high street and sit in a queue on the red leather sofas of a local travel shop (that has now probably closed down) and then rush off to the next (that has now probably migrated online) hoping for a better deal?  Well gone are those days.  Now you can search for the best travel deals from your own sofa, or even your bed.

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It is now easier and more convenient to book that flight to New York for your second cousin’s wedding and you don’t even have to leave your house. Now isn’t that better than the news of sliced bread?

Many companies within the travel industry use technology in a variety of ways to increase efficiency and enhance customer experience. Take a look at this CBS podcast interview with Linda Jojo, Executive Vice President of Technology & Chief Digital Officer of United Airlines for example.

Technology has changed our travel experience in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Online flight and holiday booking
  • Travel comparison sites, allowing us to save money
  • Online check in, giving you a little extra sleep time before setting off
  • Instant messaging travel agent, so you don’t have to pick up the phone
  • Find out about destination by search engine search
  • Track frequent flyer and hotel loyalty points online
  • Download phone apps for the above
  • Cookies tracking your last search and making things easier when you search for the same holiday or hotel on different websites
  • Location services that help you find shops, restaurants etc. easily
  • Text messages, app messages and emails informing of flight delays

Technology has changed the way we travel and we are happier for it. As a result we are often saving money, which allows us to travel more and enrich our lives.

Why Travel?

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Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets.

— Oscar Wilde.

Imagine a world where everybody just stayed within the confines of the town in which they were born in. Some people may not have met each other, some people might not even have been born. Travel broadens your horizons, opens your mind, and brings a multitude of great experiences.

It has been noted that couples who met on holiday have often started a relationship that resulted in them eventually getting married. This would not have happened had they not met. They would not have met if one or both parties did not board a plane, train or some type of automobile heading to foreign or unfamiliar shores.

For some people, looking forward to their annual beach holiday is what keeps them from going insane while doing a mundane job that they are trying to escape from. Travel can even keep you healthy, as travelling is pleasurable and can reduce stress.

There are many more reasons why you should travel, including:

  • Meeting interesting people from varied backgrounds and cultures
  • Opportunity to learn a new language or part of a new language
  • Sourcing job/business opportunities in a warmer or colder climate
  • Gathering interesting things to talk about from your new experiences
  • A way to forget the humdrum of daily living and business as usual
  • Opportunity to try out different local cuisines
  • Experience a different environment, with it’s new sights and wonders

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